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Illustrated technical information covering Vol 2 Over 800 multi-choice systems questions Study notes and technical information Close up photos of internal and external components A compilation of links to major 737 news stories with a downloadable archive Illustrated history and description of all variants of 737 Detailed tech specs of every series of 737 Databases and reports of all the major 737 accidents & incidents General flightdeck views of each generation of 737's Description & news reports of Advanced Blended Winglets Press reports of orders and deliveries Articles from the press and official sources following the troubled history of the rudder PCU Details about 737 production methods A compilation of links to other sites with useful 737 content Get the book of the website A quick concise overview of the pages on this site

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A quick concise overview of the 182 pages on this site, letting you get what you need and go.




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All of the information, photographs & schematics from this website and much more is now available in a 360 page printed book or in electronic format.

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Home Title page, contents and what's new list .


Contact A little about myself and how to contact me. Please get in touch with any comments or things of interest for the site.


Buy the Book The 737 Technical Site has now been extended and developed into an invaluably informative book. Contains 370 pages, (8.5" x 11"), with over 500 high resolution black & white or colour photos, diagrams & schematics. If you have found this website useful, follow this link to buy the book.


Aircraft Systems

The aircraft systems described and photographed in detail, chapter by chapter as per the original Vol 2 Boeing systems manual.

Other areas not specifically covered in Vol 2:


Production Details about 737 production methods and component outsourcing.


Tech Quiz This section contains over 800 multiple choice questions covering all of the 737 systems.


Pilot Notes

Study notes written by myself and other 737 pilots and engineers. It is divided into the following sub-sections:
  • Originals - Maintenance & pilot notes.
  • Classics - Notes, system diagrams & line drawings.
  • NG's - Maintenance & winglet notes.
  • General - Tech specs compared, type differences, non-series specific info.


Tech Photos The 737 photographed inside and out.

The Flightdeck - Panel photos & descriptions of each generation of 737.

Landing Gear - Including what to look for in the downlock viewer.

The E & E bay - Uncovered ! - Discover what lies behind this tiny hatch.

737-500 Flightdeck - A detailed photographic study of a 737-500 flightdeck.

The Walkaround - A photographic tour of items not to miss on an external check.

Wheel-Well - Wheel-well map, interactive quiz and all major components photographed and identified.


News Reports

A compilation of links to major 737 news stories with a downloadable archive.


Tech Specs

Technical specifications & line drawings of every series of 737 produced.




History and development of the 737. Every series and version of the 737 described.


100 | 200 | 200Adv | 200C / QC | T43A | Surveiller


300 | 400 | 500


600 | 700 | 800 | 900 | BBJ | C-40 | AEW&C | MMA | SIGINT | Y1


Accident Reports

A complete listing of every 737 write-off, fatal or otherwise, with accident summaries collected from various sources.

Compilations of reports are also listed for the following accidents:

Thai 737 Explosion - Articles from the press and official sources following the Thai 737-400 explosion at Bangkok 3 Mar 2001.

Flash Airlines Accident - Articles from the press and official sources following the Flash Airlines 737-300 accident at Sharm-el -Sheikh, 3 Jan 2004.


Accident News

This page features minor accidents ie non-write-offs. I have also included some press reports about incidents, not to endorse any media sensationalism where it exists, but rather to show the knowledgeable reader with his knowledge of the aircraft and the industry, how events can be misunderstood or misrepresented. Since the layman knows no better, this is unfortunately the way he will see the event.


The Rudder Story

A detailed account of the history of the rudder problems and solutions.



A compilation of recent news items concerning 737 orders, deliveries and fleet movements.



Stories and articles from John lamming and other 737 pilots including a detailed account about operations into La Paz, Bolivia - elevation 13,000ft.


737 Related Links


A compilation of links to other sites with useful 737 content. It is divided it into the following sections:



A list of common abbreviations used throughout the site.

Met Brief

Links to various sites of aviation meteorology. From here you can get METAR's, TAF's, Satellites, charts & more.


Photo Gallery

Various photos of mine from the office window.

Aviation Links A short list of useful links. Divided into the following sections:

Forums | Aircrew sites |Organisations | Miscellaneous

This is where you will find any similar sites relating to other aircraft.


Humour A collection of jokes, acronyms and of course the classic tech log entries.


Full list of contents

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