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I have been collecting safety cards since the 1970’s and after having got over 5,000 I have decided to focus purely on British cards.

My British safety card collection currently stands at almost 2000 and can be viewed here: British safety card collection

I still have almost 2,500 non-British cards in my main non-British collection. These are available for trade against any British cards of a similar age/value that I need. My non-British collection can be viewed here: Non-British safety card collection.

My other duplicates for trade are listed here.

Please get in touch if you have any British cards for trade or sale. My email address is:


I occaisionally sell some of my cards on eBay under the name "britscards".

Happy collecting!


This comprehensive illustrated history of British Safety cards is now available in an 320 page Book.

Collecting aircraft safety cards is a surprisingly popular hobby. For me it started in the early 1970s when an uncle, who knew that I liked aircraft, brought me the seat-back literature as a souvenir from his business trips. I always latched onto the safety cards as they showed detailed drawings of the aircraft. I then started asking anybody who was flying to bring me safety cards back. Fifty years later I now have over 1800 British safety cards and have decided to put the highlights into this book.

The book shows cards from airlines and many other operators such as light aircraft, air taxis, private jets, military aircraft and manufacturers.

I have arranged the airlines in alphabetical order for ease of reference. In each case I have tried to use a selection of different styles used by the airline or a safety card of significance to the airline featured, rather than simply show every card. For instance their first or most well-known type, or a card of some other significance such as the only or first airline in the UK to operate the type. Within this collection lies the fascinating history of British carriers as they grow and change, rebrand themselves, merge or eventually fold.

This book features over 250 British airlines but inevitably there are still many gaps in my collection. If you have a card from an airline missing from this book please send me a scan, or better still the card, so that it can be included in what I hope will become the definitive history of British aircraft safety cards.

If you are a collector and want to trade some of your Britsh cards with me download my list below, send me your list and I am sure we can work something out.

Best regards

Chris Brady


Safety on Board - A History of British Airlines through their Safety Cards

Safety on Board is a 320 page book which pictures safety cards from over 250 different British operators together with a brief description of who they were. The book goes as far back as the earliest known safety cards in the world from Imperial Airways right up to the present day. It covers airlines, helicopter operators, air taxi, military and manufacturers. It has over 600 high quality images of safety cards, including many very rare such as all of the British Concorde prototypes; several Comets, Vanguards and all of the known Imperial Airways, BOAC and BEA safety cards. If you are a collector of safety cards or just interested in British airline history this is the book for you.

The book is published by Blurb who are a print-on-demand company, this enables small print runs to be made thereby allowing the publication of minority interest books which would not otherwise be published.

To order your copy follow this link: Price £20

Best regards to all

Chris Brady



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