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Illustrated technical information covering Vol 2 Over 800 multi-choice systems questions Close up photos of internal and external components Illustrated history and description of all variants of 737 Databases and reports of all the major 737 accidents & incidents History and Development of the Boeing 737 - MAX General flightdeck views of each generation of 737's Technical presentations of 737 systems by Chris Brady Detailed tech specs of every series of 737 A collection of my favourite photographs that I have taken of or from the 737 Press reports of orders and deliveries Details about 737 production methods A compilation of links to other sites with useful 737 content Study notes and technical information A compilation of links to major 737 news stories with a downloadable archive A quick concise overview of the pages on this site


In February 2021 I was asked by the Royal Aeronautical Society to give a presentation about the story behind the 737 MAX accidents and MCAS. Due to COVID resrictions the presentation had to be given remotely rather than in-person. This meant that it was all recorded and I was able to share the presentation to my website visitors here.

Since then I have gone on to produce more videos covering various technical subjects on the 737. They are all available on my YouTube channel and direct links to them all are given here.


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*** Updated 14 Nov 2021 ***

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The 737 MAX and MCAS from development to fix

A short history of the 737 MAX and MCAS from development to fix. Presented to the Royal Aeronautical Society 4th Feb 2021



A detailed look at MCAS on the 737 MAX

This presentation takes a close look at the details of MCAS on the 737 MAX, how it came about, what changes were made and how it now works. This presentation does not discuss the management decisions by Boeing, the FAA oversight, the blame games or the regulations put into place since the accidents. This is all covered in my first presentation “The 737 MAX and MCAS from development to fix".



737 Max Differences

A detailed look at the differences between the 737 MAX and the 737 NG




This video covers the CVR, FDR, ELT, LF-ULB, DFDAU and QAR on the 737. It also discusses the use of ACMS data within an airline and how hard landings are measured.




This video covers the FMC on the 737. Contents: Evolution of the FMC, Overview, FMC Hardware, Dual FMCs, CDU / MCDU, Alerts & Annunciators, CDU BITE, Inputs, Databases, Data Loading, Maintenance pages.



Gravel Runway Operations

This presentation covers all aspects of gravel and unpaved runway operations on the 737. Including Landing surface requirements, External modifications, Flight deck controls & indications, Operational procedures and limitations.



The first of the air systems videos - watch before Air Conditioning and Pressurisation



Air Conditioning

The second of the air systems videos - watch after Pneumatics and before Pressurisation




The last of the air systems videos - watch after Pneumatics and Air Conditioning



The 737 APU


Side Cargo Door Open In-flight

Video of and details about operations with the side cargo door open.


Electrical Bonding

This video discusses the recent news story about the 737 MAX electrical bonding issue that has lead to the grounding of 120 MAX aircraft in April 2021.


Electrics - AC

A detailed look at the Boeing 737 Electrical System. This is Part 1, focusing on the AC System, Load shedding, Flightdeck panels, Metering and diagnostics.


Electrics - DC & Standby

A detailed look at the Boeing 737 Electrical System. This is Part 2, focusing on the DC System, Standby System, Faults & diagnostics and Circuit breakers.




A detailed look at the Boeing 737 powerplants from JT8D to LEAP


Landing Gear

A detailed look at the Boeing 737 landing gear


Landing Gear - Guided Tour (Cl)

This video is different to my previous ones because I actually show you the landing gear system in situ. I take you around the main and nose landing gear showing you the significant components and explaining their function as I go. For this video I use a 737 Classic, there are some minor differences between the Classics and NGs which are explained in the accompanying presentation on Landing Gear. Hopefully I will be able to film a version on the NG soon.


Landing Gear - Antiskid Inop

Following the recent video of a tyre fire following a landing with anti-skid inop, this video looks at the various technical and operational considerations about this system.


A/T Flap Synchro

In this video I take a detailed look at the 737 Classic autothrottle computer issues discovered during the investigation of Sriwijaya Air SJ182 at Jakarta on 9 Jan 2021. It covers the A/T design, Boeings MOM and the FAA AD’s.


Ice and Rain Protection

In this video I take a detailed look at the 737 Ice and Rain including: Panels, Window heat, TAI, Ice detection, Icing, Non-environmental icing, Wipers, & Rain Repellent


P8 Poseidon

In this video I take a break from aircraft systems and take a look at the subhunter version of the 737 known as the P-8 Poseidon. In this video I cover external and internal features, flightdeck differences from the NG and all known derivatives & increments of the P-8 Poseidon.


Fire Protection

This video covers the Fire Protection systems on all generations of 737. Maybe not the sexiest of subjects but hopefully I have made it interesting. I think everybody will learn a few things from this that they didn’t already know about the 737.


Hydraulics - Wheel-well tour

This video is the first of two on the 737 hydraulic system. In this video I give you a guided tour of the 737 wheel-well identifying and explaining all of the hydraulic components that are visible. In the second part, which I will release next week, I will go through the full hydraulic systems in much more detail.




This is part two of 737 hydraulics. In this video I go deep into the systems, showing you, and explaining the function of, the parts of the system that the FCOMs leave out to give you a full understanding of the subject.


Flight Controls - Roll and Speedbrakes

This is the first in of a 3-part series on Boeing 737 Flight Controls. This one covers roll control and also speedbrakes.

Contents:Ailerons, Flight Spoilers & Speedbrakes, Ground Spoilers, Aileron - Spoiler Mechanics, Jams etc, Aileron – Spoiler Interaction, MAX Fly-By-Wire Spoilers.


Flight Controls - Yaw

This video is the second of the 3-part series on Boeing 737 Flight Controls. This one covers yaw.

Contents: Rudder, Rudder Control, Rudder Trim, RSEP, Rudder Power, Yaw Damper, Vertical Stabiliser.


Flight Controls - Pitch

This video is the third of the 3-part series on Boeing 737 Flight Controls. This one covers pitch.

Contents: Stabiliser, elevators and neutral shift



The 737 Fuel system.

Contents: • Internal Fuel Panels • Refuelling & Defueling • Fuel Tanks • Fuel Pumps • Center Tank Fuel • APU Fuel • Fuel Temperature • Fuel Quantity Measurement • Fuel Quantity Indication • Auxiliary Fuel • Fuel Heat Exchangers



The 737 NGS Story.

Since 1959 there have been 18 fuel tank explosions on transport category aircraft. The many causes include lightning, wiring defects and heating of fuel vapours in the center tank. Following the TWA800 accident, the FAA produced Special FAR 88 in 2001 and the Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction (FTFR) Rule in 2008 both of which mandated extensive safety improvements to fuel systems. As 737 pilots we have seen the effects of this in changes to center tank pump design and operation, and the introduction of NGS. In this video I will cover the background to these changes in more detail, the ensuing regulation and NGS in depth.

Contents Intro & Overview; The accidents; Flammability reduction; Removal of ignition sources; Center tank pump changes; Fuel tank inerting; NGS on the 737; Summary & timeline



The 737 PSEU.

This is a detailed description of the mysterious Proximity Switch Electronic Unit on the 737 NG & MAX.

Contents: PSEU & SPSEU, MAX Differences, Crew procedures, Air-ground, Airstairs control & warning, Door warnings & flightlocks, LGTU, Take-off & landing configuration warnings, Landing gear position indicating and warning, Speedbrake deployed indication and warning, Two-position tailskid, Problems and updates



The 737 doors.

This is a detailed description of the doors on all series of the 737.

Contents: Construction, Gates, Latching, Stops, Hinges, Seals, Insulation & heating, Mechanisms, Cautions, Drains, Mid Cabin Emergency Exit Doors, Overwing Exits, Cargo Doors, Door Warnings.


Electrical Equipment (E & E) Bay

A detailed explanation of the components and layout of the 737 E & E Bay, Forward Equip Bay and other equipment racks on the aircraft. In addition to my standard presentation format I have included 3 "Video tours" of the E & E Bay, Forward Equip Bay and an example BITE check.

Contents: E & E Bay General, Junction Boxes, Moisture Protection, Equipment Cooling, Batteries, Racks, E & E Bay Video Tour, E6 Rack, Auxiliary Fuel Equipment Rack, Forward Equipment Bay, BITE Testing.


Flaps and Slats

This video covers the evolution, operation and mechanics of the flaps, slats and the FSEU.

Contents: LE Flaps, LE Slats, TE Flaps, TE Flap Mechanics, Flap & Slat Power, FSEU, Flap Limit Speeds and Load Relief, Flap Speed Schedule.


737 NG Performance Improvement Package

This presentation details the changes made to the Boeing 737 NG with the introduction of the Performance Improvement Package in 2011/2.

Contents: Overview, Anti-collision lights, ECS inlet and exhaust, Wheel-well fairings, Slats & Spoilers, CFM56-7BE “Evolution”, 7BE Benefits & Intermixing, 7BE Relight Envelope.



This is a detailed look at the Short Field Performance improvement package that has been offered on the NG and MAX since 2006.

Contents: Overview, Spoiler deflection, High lift devices, Two position tailskid, Idle thrust delay, Landing gear, Software updates, Options.


Tailskid & Tailstrikes

This is a detailed looks at the tailskid options on the 737 and the issue of tail strikes.

Contents: One-position Tailskid, Two-position Tailskid, Effect of Impact, Geometry, Tailstrikes.



The history and details of the 737 wing from prototype to MAX. Please note that winglets are covered in the next video.

Contents Design History, Evolution, Construction, Vortex Generators, Static Dischargers, Wingtips, Flap and Aileron Droop.



Winglets, follows on from the wings video. In it I cover the history, technical and operational details of all winglets on the Boeing 737.

Contents History, Induced Drag, Design Considerations, Benefits, Operational Differences, Physical Differences, Retrofitting, Winglets for Classics, Split Scimitar Winglets, Advanced Technology Winglets, Raked Winglets, Mini Winglets, Damage.


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