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Illustrated technical information covering Vol 2 Over 800 multi-choice systems questions Study notes and technical information Close up photos of internal and external components A compilation of links to major 737 news stories with a downloadable archive Illustrated history and description of all variants of 737 Detailed tech specs of every series of 737 Databases and reports of all the major 737 accidents & incidents General flightdeck views of each generation of 737's Description & news reports of Advanced Blended Winglets Press reports of orders and deliveries A collection of my favourite photographs that I have taken of or from the 737 Details about 737 production methods A compilation of links to other sites with useful 737 content History and Development of the Boeing 737 - MAX A quick concise overview of the pages on this site


The Boeing 737 Technical Site is available as a printed book or an ebook

This book takes you right from the original concept that lead Boeing to design the 737 through its 50 year evolution, in language that is easily understood. It looks at each system in turn, supported by over 500 high resolution colour photographs, diagrams and schematics, placing each system component in context. It collates information from many different sources and combines over 18 years of the authors own flying experiences to lead the reader through the 737 from radome to tail-cone. The book goes beyond the flight deck on a grand tour of the worlds' most prolific airliner in a way that is as relevant to the type rating candidate as it is to a company Fleet Technical Captain. To complete the picture, the book also contains Pilots notes, a detailed guide to airtesting and the accident history of the type, which serve to make this book the most practical and comprehensive technical guide to the 737 available today.

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All of the information, photographs & schematics from this website and much more is now available in a 374 page printed book or in electronic format.

*** Updated 18 Apr 2019 ***

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The printed version is a softback, perfect bound, 8" x 10" book containing 374 full colour pages.

The electronic version is available for most devices.

Both versions have identical content, far surpassing that found on the website.

So, after fifteen years work, the website and all the supporting information that went into its' creation, is now available in print. If you have found the website useful but would like the bigger picture, follow the links below to buy the book.

Check out these reviews and readers comments here.

*** Book content last Updated 18 Apr 2019 ***


eBook (for iPad and most other devices)

EPUB format

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Update Information

Version 80 – 18 Apr 2019

  • Crosswind guidelines table updated to TALPA
  • Coulson Fireliner photo and text updated
  • Accident added EI-DYG 737-800 loss of thrust on both engines at CIA 10 Nov 2008
  • Orders and delivery stats updated with 2018 data
  • MAX-200 FF 13 Jan 2019 and photo added
  • FCC P12.0 and 12.1 details added
  • Added accident to ET-AVJ
  • Speed trim, Mach trim and MCAS sections moved to Automatic Flight chapter
  • MCAS section substantially expanded
  • UK added as customer for 5 AEWC aircraft
  • MAX name story added
  • Added that two-position tailskid on SFP is optional

Note that if you have purchased an earlier version of the electronic book, the iBooks app supports book updates. That means that when the book is republished with new or additional content, iBooks lets you know. You can download the updated version free, and it automatically replaces the older copy in your library.

EPUB update

Extras included in the book:

  • All text and explanations updated and expanded, new sections added.

  • Chapter on airtesting the 737.

  • Approximately 600 high definition photos, diagrams & schematics - many more than the website.

  • Complete listing of all CDS Block Point updates.

  • Complete listing of all FMC updates.

  • Complete listing of all FCC hardware & software updates.

  • NG electrical busses services list.

  • Labelled hi-res photos of the 737NG wheel-well.

  • Systems schematics of air conditioning (3/5/6/700 and 4/8/900), fuel, hydraulics, electrics (1/200, 3/4/500 and NG).

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