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The BBJ MAX family was launched with its first order on 2 Apr 2014. The BBJ Max 8 has a range of 6,640nm (12,297km) with aux fuel tanks. The BBJ MAX 8 also will have a cabin that is 19ft (5.8m) longer than the BBJ2 and three times more cargo space. The BBJ Max features a lower cabin altitude, integrated airstairs, and other amenities. Orders have been placed for over 20 BBJ MAXs, including the BBJ Max 7, BBJ Max 8, and BBJ Max 9 models.

On 14 Jul 2016 Boeing announced the launch of the BBJ MAX-7 which is aimed at the ultra-long-range market. Boeing has yet to confirm the range for the BBJ Max 7, but it will be in the region of 7,000nm. That is 800nm more than the baseline BBJ, which will no longer be produced after 2019. The BBJ Max 7 will have an 880ft² cabin – 70ft² more than the BBJ and a large cargo hold. The aircraft will be similarly priced with a completed price of around $100 million.

Green deliveries commenced on 16 April 2018 with the flyaway of the first BBJ Max, N329BJ (61329/6843) from BFI to Georgetown, Delaware, where it will be outfitted with auxiliary fuel tanks giving it a maximum range of 6,640 nm. Comlux previously said it was awarded the cabin completions contract for the first-to-be delivered BBJ Max 8. After auxiliary fuel tanks are installed at Aloft, the green airplane is planned to arrive at Comlux’s Indianapolis facility in the fourth quarter, with delivery of the fully outfitted BBJ Max 8 to the customer in fall 2019.

This photo of the BBJ MAX 8 shows that it has kept all four overwing exits although only two are needed for its low passenger capacity.

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The first BBJ Max 8, N329BJ (61329/6843), departed Seattle Boeing Field on April 16, 2018. (Photo: Boeing Business Jets)



30 May 2021 - Jet Aviation Redelivers World’s First VVIP-Outfitted BBJ 737 MAX

BASEL, Switzerland / May 28, 2021 — Jet Aviation announced today that it has redelivered the first-ever VVIP cabin interior completed on a BBJ 737-8 to an undisclosed customer. The completion was designed, crafted and engineered entirely at Jet Aviation’s completions center in Basel. It is the company’s third redelivery this year.

The redelivery of the first BBJ MAX aircraft worldwide draws on the full extent of Jet Aviation’s completions capabilities. The interior design was created by Jet Aviation’s design studio, in collaboration with the customer, to seamlessly integrate a bespoke cabin with state-of-the-art systems and technology.

“The brief was for a cozy, residential space in which one could relax and enjoy the ride,” says Grischa Schmidt, senior director design at Jet Aviation’s design studio. “The living area features a deep, inviting sofa, a seven-seat dining table for socializing and a well-equipped, functional kitchen to accommodate fine dining. Wooden detail, soft fabrics and indirect lighting all complement this residential and relaxing atmosphere.”

The interior was crafted and installed on-site in Basel, and includes details such as woven wooden paneling, full flat cocoon seats finished in 3D wood veneer and an integrated wine fridge in the living area.

“We are delighted to redeliver this exceptionally beautiful and detailed aircraft,” says Matthew Woollaston, Jet Aviation’s vice president completion sales. “As we strive towards creating the ultimate customer experience, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible in VVIP completions. This interior is a fine example of the intricacy and attention to detail of our teams here in Basel. As our first BBJ 737 MAX, this was an exciting opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the next generation of this aircraft, and we look forward to applying that knowledge to future MAX projects.”

“We want to congratulate Jet Aviation on this great milestone,” said James Detwiler, president of Boeing Business Jets. “The BBJ 737-8, with its ultra-long-range and ample cabin space, and Jet Aviation’s top-quality design and craftsmanship create a perfect combination. This new BBJ is built to meet expectations of VIP customers to travel non-stop and in ultimate comfort to their destinations worldwide.”


23 Nov 2018 - BBJ MAX delivered to the first client

Boeing has delivered the first business version of the narrow-body aircraft Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 737MAX. The official acceptance ceremony for the first business jet, based on the BBJ 737MAX-8 base family, was held at the National Business Aviation Association’s exhibition (NBAA-BACE), the American aircraft manufacturer said. Before putting the machine into operation, it is necessary to complete work on the interior trim of the aircraft.

"We are excited to begin delivering a longer-range and more capable version of the world's most popular business jetliner," said Greg Laxton, head of Boeing Business Jets. "There has been great market interest and anticipation for the BBJ MAX and our valued customers will soon be able to see the new standard in business travel."


19 Nov 2015 - BBJ MAX Sales going well

Boeing’s new 737 Max program has captured the bulk of the new business for Boeing Business Jets this year, accounting for five of the seven of the orders taken in year-to-date. The orders included a contract for three Max 8s that Boeing Business Jets president David Longridge said was signed last week at the Dubai Air Show. “The BBJ Max is doing really well, with nine orders already on the books for both BBJ Max 8s and BBJ Max 9s,” Longridge said. Also newly announced is an order for a Max 8 from a customer in Asia.

The Boeing 737 Max program is slated for first flight next year, with initial deliveries to commercial customers expected in 2017 and to a Boeing Business Jets customer in 2018. With the lead time for the Max, Longridge noted that the company is seeing some “renewed interest in BBJs” because customers don’t want to wait. He also added that the company has experienced an active pre-owned market for the BBJ, with five sold this year. All of those went to Asia and helped boost the total of BBJs in China to 22. “We’re very happy with how China is going,” Longridge said, adding the company is seeing considerable interest from the pre-owned market in the region.


02 Apr 2014 - BBJ MAX Launched with first order

Boeing has officially launched its line of Boeing Business Jets (BBJs) based on its 737 Max following an order from an undisclosed customer, according to a media release from the Chicago-based company. Boeing says an existing BBJ customer ordered the aircraft and that the first Max-based BBJ will be delivered without a finished interior in 2018. The aircraft will be finished at a completion center chosen by the customer, says Boeing. 737 Max-based BBJs will have CFM International LEAP-1B turbofans and split-tip winglets, giving the aircraft 14% better fuel efficiency that other single-aisle aircraft, says the company.

The BBJ Max 8 will have a range of 6,325nm (11,714km), more than 800nm further than the BBJ2, which is based on the 737-800. The BBJ MAX 8 also will have a cabin that is 19ft (5.8m) longer than the BBJ2 and three times more cargo space, says Boeing. Boeing is also marketing a BBJ Max 9, based on the 737 Max 9, which is expected to have a range up to 6,255nm, and the company is studying plans to develop a BBJ Max 7 based on the 737 Max 7. First flight of the 737 Max is scheduled for 2016 and deliveries to commercial customer are pegged to begin in 2017, the company says.


16 Nov 2012 - Boeing Business Jets to Offer the BBJ MAX

Boeing has achieved firm concept of its 737 MAX, and said it had defined “significant’ changes needed to achieve performance targets.

"The team has a firm plan in place to incorporate all the changes necessary to realize a 13% fuel-use reduction within the scope and schedule of the program,” 737 VP and GM Beverly Wyse said.

It announced the addition of a Honeywell electronic bleed air system (EBAS), designed to take airflow from the engines, providing cabin pressurization and environmental cabin controls and to bring warm air to the wings to prevent icing. The MAX will also incorporate Rockwell Collins large-format displays on the flight deck—four configurable 15.1-inch landscape LCD displays to increase situational awareness. The displays, featured on the KC-46 tanker, are also offered for retrofit on existing 757 and 767 aircraft.

Along with the technology additions, Boeing has further defined the aircraft’s aerodynamic lines, eliminating the need for a bump on the nose-gear door which appeared in earlier designs. Previously-announced design changes to the MAX included an extended tail cone and dual feather winglets.

Despite the changes, Boeing remains optimistic that the aircraft will stay on schedule. "The 737 MAX remains on track for first delivery in 2017," 737 chief project engineer Michael Teal said. "Now we are focused on the finer details of the configuration and we are confident we'll be ready to begin detailed design in mid-2013." The 737 MAX is slated for first delivery in 2017.


29 Oct 2012 - Boeing Business Jets to Offer the BBJ MAX

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing (NYSE: BA) announced its intent to offer the BBJ MAX 8 and the BBJ MAX 9, furthering Boeing's dominanc

e in the large cabin ultra-long-range business jet market. The announcement was made today at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Conference in Orlando, Fla.

The BBJ MAX 8, based on the 737 MAX 8, will be the first member of the BBJ MAX family to take advantage of the efficiency of CFM International's new LEAP-1B engines and the Boeing developed Advanced Technology winglet. The new engine and Advanced Technology winglet will provide customers with a 13 percent fuel-use improvement. Together, these features will translate to a range of 6,325 nautical miles - a more than 14-percent increase over today's class-leading BBJ 2 that will be validated in final configuration and flight test.

The BBJ MAX 8 will share the same cabin size with today's BBJ 2, offering customers a 19-foot longer cabin and three times the cargo space of today's BBJ. The BBJ MAX 8 will also improve on its market leading range capability and maintain the BBJ advantages of lower cabin altitude, unmatched reliability and outstanding product support around the globe.

"We anticipate the BBJ MAX 8 will be a very strong seller as a VIP aircraft and will likely capture a larger share of the market because it's the right combination of performance, space and comfort," said Captain Steve Taylor, BBJ president. "For VIP customers, extended range and exceptional comfort are equally important. The BBJ MAX will ensure our customers get the best of both."

Boeing also intends to develop the plan for the BBJ MAX 9 based on the 737 MAX 9. Similar performance improvements are anticipated, offering a 6,255 nm range with an even larger cabin than the BBJ MAX 8. Plans for a BBJ MAX 7 are being studied.


26 Mar 2012 - 737 MAX offered as BBJ MAX

Boeing Business Jets has already begun pitching a VIP variant of the re-engined 737 Max - the BBJ Max - to potential customers for 2018-19.

Capt Steve Taylor, president of Boeing Business Jets, says: "We are working with several existing customers and one would like to be the launch customer for that aircraft."

The CFM International Leap-1B-powered Max will begin to roll off the production line in 2017. Taylor notes that a BBJ customer typically wants a much shorter lead-time for delivery post-completion than Boeing can offer for the BBJ Max "so it takes a fairly special customer to be ready to commit to 2018 or 2019".

He says: "There are several long-term BBJ customers who'd be ideal buyers for that and we have started those conversations."

Taylor says the BBJ 2 Max - the VIP equivalent of the 737-8 - will offer a potential range of 6,200nm (11,470km).


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