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19 Mar 2016 - A6-FDN 737-800 Loss of Control during Go-Around

A 737-800, A6-FDN, 40241/3517 operated by FlyDubai Airlines crashed during a go-around at Rostov On Don airport on 19 Mar 2016.

The aircraft had made an approach to Rostov On Don 2 hours earlier but had gone around due to poor weather. It then took up the hold for almost 2 hours until commencing its next approach.

URRR 190030Z 24012G19MPS 6000 -SHRA SCT018 BKN036CB OVC100 06/04 Q0998 R22/290046 TEMPO 25017G25MPS 1000 SHRA BR SCT003 BKN020CB RMK QFE741/0988

The aircraft departed with an endurance fuel of about 8.5 hours. The aircraft had been airborne for 6hrs 2 mins at the time of impact.

The aircraft went around from the second approach and crashed shortly after at 00:43z with loss of all 62 PoB.

The Russian Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) has been leading the investigation and posting updates on their progress here.

Update 21 Apr 16

The Russian Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) has issued a preliminary report in English here I have summarised it below:

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*** Updated 20 Nov 2018 ***

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The prliminary report gives more detail into the actions on the final approach and go-around which I have summarised as follows:

  • The approach was flown manually (A/P and A/T off) with F/D on.
  • A go-around was commenced at 720ft (220m).
  • The reason for the go-around could have been a sudden 20kt increase in IAS due to windshear.
  • Flap was retracted to 15 as normal by the crew
  • At 1900ft the control column was pushed forward causing the speed to increase to 200kts and the flap to auto-retract from 15 to 10 (SFP aircraft feature).
  • The thrust reduced for 3 secs causing a deceleration and auto-flap extension back to 15.
  • The crew selected TOGA thrust
  • The control column was pulled back momenarily giving a RoC of 3150fpm (16mps).
  • At 2950ft (900n) the control column was pushed forward and nose down stab trim which lasted 12 secs, both of which resulted in-1g dive to impact.

The report has issued 5 safety recommendations, 4 of which are regarding go-around training and adopting or learning from previous accident reports from go-around incidents.

The remains of A6-FDN reassembled in a hangar for the investigation

The remains of A6-FDN reassembled in a hangar for the investigation

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