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03 Nov 2015 - Shaheen Air 737-400 AP-BJO (27166/2410) runway excursion on landing at Lahore, Pakistan..

Shaheen Air flight NL142 from Karach to Lahore (OPLA) with 112 passengers and 7 crew appears to have landed to the left of runway 36L in 1500m visibility. Both main landing gear were torn off as the aircraft crossed a taxyway. The aircraft settled down onto the grass and stopped to the left of runway 36L, about 2500m from the runway threshold and about 200m from the end of the runway.

The aircraft was substantially damaged and 10 passengers received minor injuries.

Runway 36L is 3,360 meters long and the primary runway at Lahore but at the time of the accident the ILS was NOTAMed not available due to CAT IIIB upgrade works in progress. There are VOR/DME, NDB and RNAV non-precision approaches available for all four runways. The VOR approach has a 5 degree offset.

OPLA 030455Z 00000KT 2000 FU SCT100 23/16 Q1018 BECMG 3000

A video of the landing and evacuation taken by one of the passengers is available on YouTube here

The Aviation Herald has written that: "On Nov 12th 2015 the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan confirmed the authenticity of a leaked document presenting laboratory analysis of the captain's blood alcohol and lactate levels being above acceptable limits."


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