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29 Jan 2017 - 737-400SF, HK-5197 (24430/1820), FF 7/02/1990, operated by AerCaribe overran Runway 21 whilst landing at Leticia, Colombia at 23:30Z (18:30L). According to the preliminary report a loud bang was heard by ground personnel shortly after touchdown and the outboard right main tyre burst during the rollout. he aircraft left the far end of the runway coming to rest in grass. The right MLG detacted and there was damage to the fuselage, flaps and engines. The aircraft had 4 crew members, no passengers and no reported injuries.

Leticia's only runway, 03/21 is 1880 x 40 meters asphalt and has an ILS.

SKLT 290000Z 00000KT 8000 -DZ BKN010 25/25 A2984 RMK AD OPER IMC

The aircraft, 24430/1820, was built in 1990 and flew for Australian Airlines and Qantas until 2012 as VH-TJE. The aircraft was then stored at Victorville for 3 years until its freighter conversion in 2016 at Miami. It was delivered to AerCaribe in June 2016.


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The final report, was issued in Aug 2018, in Spanish

Probable Causes:

  • Deficient maintenance procedures by the aircraft operator by not applying complete and adequate corrective actions to determine the root cause of repetitive tyre failures.
  • A brake system failure due to a rupture of the hydraulic lines and harness at the right main landing gear, the damage was caused by pieces of tyre #4 which burst during the landing roll.
  • The tyre burst was caused by an overbent wheel rim as result of the tyre repeatedly being over inflated due to repeated reports of low tyre pressure.
  • Runway excursion during roll out.

Contributing factors were:

  • Inadequate risk management by the operator as the repeated reports of discrepancies were not known or observed by the operational safety management.
  • Poor conditions at the runway end safety area the unevenness and water logging of which contributed to the damage the aircraft suffered.

The GRIAA concluded that the crew acted in a safe manner in accordance with standard operating procedures, no deviations or violations of the procedures was found. The approach was stabilized with proper CRM carried out.

Final resting position of HK-5197

Final resting position of HK-5197 (Photos AERONÁUTICA CIVIL)

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