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02 Jul 2021 - A 737 operated cargo flight ditched shortly after take-off after engine trouble. The flight was from Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu and was heading to Kahului, Hawaii and came down at 01:45 LT.

The aircraft was Boeing 737-200C, N810TA, 21116/427, (age 46 Years), operated by Rhoades Aviation in Transair colors. Ex 9M-PML and C-GDPW.

Both pilots were rescued by the Coast Guard.

Data from FR24 and the ATC recording shows the aircraft climbing normally then the crew requesting level off at 2000ft. The crew report that they have lost the No1 engine and they are going to lose the No2 engine as it is running very hot.

The aircraft makes a right hand circuit back towards the departure runway but loses altitude and speed.

ATC then give them a low altitude alert and ask them if they are able to climb at all. they reply "negative".

ATC clear them to land on any runway but the crew do not have visual contact with the airport and say "we need a heading"

The crew then ask for the Coast Guard as they are unable to maintain altitude.

ATC then offer them Kalaeloa Airport which is nearer and give them a heading of 310 for it. The aircraft turns but makes no further transmissions before impacting the water at a ground speed of 120kts and a minimal rate of descent.

PHNL 021153Z 06010G21KT 10SM FEW025 SCT050 26/17 A3003 RMK AO2 SLP169 60000 T02560172 10267 20256 56008=

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*** Updated 14 Nov 2021 ***

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1 Nov 2021 - The fuselage, nose section and both engines of the aircraft have been recovered including the CVR and FDR.

30 Sep 2021 - The NTSB announced that it was sending a team of investigators with a ship with remotely operated vehicles and a barge with a crane to be used in the recovery effort, which is expected to start around Oct. 9.

The fuselage broke into two pieces and came to rest about 350 to 450 feet below the surface and two miles from shore.

16 Jul 2021 - Rhoades Aviation, which operates TransAir, has been barred from flying or doing maintenance inspections until it meets FAA regulations. FAA officials said the decision to ground the carrier is separate from the investigation into the ditching. The FAA said they began investigating Rhoades Aviation’s safety practices last fall. The company was told about two weeks before the crash that the FAA planned to revoke its authority to do maintenance inspections.

N810TA Nose section underwater

N810TA Nose section recovery

N810TA fuselage underwater

N810TA Fuselage recovery


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