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09 Jan 2021 - 737-500, PK-CLC (27323/2616), FF 13/5/1994 (27 Years old), operated by Sriwijaya Air on flight SJ-182 from Jakarta to Pontianak has crashed into the Java Sea 5 minutes after take off. No Mayday call was made.

Indonesia's Ministry of Transport has said that the aircraft had departed Soekarno Airport at 14:36L, climbing through 1700 feet the aircraft was cleared to climb to FL290. Departure control subsequently noticed that the aircraft was not on its assigned heading of 075 degrees, but tracking northwesterly and queried the crew about the heading at 14:40L, but received no reply, within second the aircraft disappeared from radar.

The main wreckage is at a depth of 23m. The 330 parameter FDR has been recovered and read. The CVR is yet to be found as its locator beacon detached on impact.

Nurcahyo Utomo, an investigator with Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) told news agency Reuters that it was possible that the plane broke apart when it hit water, based on debris found so far. "It possibly ruptured when it hit waters because if it had exploded mid-air, the debris would be distributed more widely,"

ADS-B data shows:

  • 07:36:00Z - The aircraft departed Runway 25R at Jakarta and began a climbing RH turn.
  • 07:39:59Z - It reached a peak altitude of 10,850 feet / 287Kts G/S, HDG 037, approximately 11nm north of the airport.
  • 07:40:10Z - It turned left by 40 degrees and began a steep descent, RoD 10,368 fpm
  • 07:40:10Z - It passed 5,400ft at 115kts G/S, HDG 011 deg, RoD 22,912 fpm
  • 07:40:15Z - It impacted at 358kts G/S

There were 50 passengers and 12 crew on board.

The aircraft had been in storage from 23 March to 19 December 2020 because of the COVID-19 empidemic but had been flying for several weeks before the accident.

WIII 090730Z 30006KT 5000 -RA FEW017CB OVC018 25/24 Q1006 NOSIG=

Condolences to the families and friends of all passengers and crew on board.

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PK-CLC Track

The final track of PK-CLC (

Sriwijaya Air Ssafety Record

Sriwijaya Air has a poor safety record. With 5 accidents in 737's recorded since 2008

09 Jan 2021 - 737-500, PK-CLC, 27323/2616, FF 13/5/1994 (age 27 Years), Sriwijaya Air, Jakarta, Indonesia

This accident

31 May 2017 - 737-300, PK-CJC, 24025/1556, FF 17/05/1988, Sriwijaya Air, Manokwari, Indonesia

Overran Runway 35 by 30m whilst landing in heavy rain. The preliminary report states that at approx 550 feet, the PIC instructed the SIC to turn on the wiper and reconfirmed to SIC that the runway was in sight. Between altitude 500 feet to 200 feet, the EGPWS aural warnings “Sink Rate” and “Pull Up” sounded. Aircraft written off but no fatalities.

More details here

1 Jun 2012, PK-CJV, 737-400, 24689/1883, FF 19 Jun 90, Sriwijaya Air, Pontianak, Indonesia

The aircraft departed the left hand side of the runway after landing in heavy rain. The nose landing gear dug in soft ground and collapsed. WIOO 010530Z 23022KT 0600 FEW009CB BKN007 29/25 Q1008 RMK CB OVER THE FIELD

20 Dec 2011, PK-CKM, 737-300, 28333/2810, FF 5 Aug 96, Sriwijaya Air; Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Captain (PF) flew an unstable VOR/DME approach to runway 09. After touchdown, PF activated the thrust reversers but the crew did not feel any deceleration. Prior to the end of the runway, PF believed that the aircraft would not be able to stop on the runway and decided to turn the aircraft to the left. The aircraft stopped at 75m from the end of runway 09 and 54m from the left side of the centre line. The nose and right hand main gear collapsed.

27 Aug 2008; PK-CJG, 737-200Adv, 23320/1120, FF 23 May 85, Sriwijaya Air; Jambi, Indonesia: 

The airplane had been landing towards northwest in heavy rain and marginal conditions, when the brakes failed. The airplane went about 250 meters past the runway and 3 meters below runway elevation. The right hand wing received damage, both engines and the main landing gear detached. Initial reports state that the flaps were at 15 and the thrust reversers were stowed. Jambi Sultan Taha has a single 2000 x 30m asphalt runway and no ILS. Passengers reported that the captain made an announcement before landing of a possible problem and "not to worry".


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