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01 Sep 2018 - UT Air 737-800 VQ-BJI Runway excursion after landing at Sochi

On 01 Sep 2018 UT Air 737-800, VQ-BJI (29937/1238 delivered Nov 2002), departed the far end of runway 06 at Sochi (URSS) whilst landing in a thunderstorm at 23:57z (02:57L). The aircraft was on its third approach after having previously gone around due to changing winds.

The aircraft went through the perimeter fence and down an embankment into a river bed. The aircraft is likely to be written off as there has been substantial damage. The aircraft was carrying 164 passengers and 6 crew. There were no fatalities but 18 injuries including 8 taken to hospital.

URSS 010000Z 23004MPS 5000 1800E R02/P3000N TSRA BKN006 OVC030CB 21/21 Q1014 WS ALL RWY R02/250350 R06/250350 NOSIG RMK R06/19004MPS QBB200 MT OBSC QFE759=

Runway 06 LDA 2810m x 45m Concrete


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*** Updated 10 Feb 2018 ***

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VQ-BJI in its final resting position

VQ-BJI in its final resting position Photo: Southern Transport Prosecution Office

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