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07 Aug 2020 - 737-800, VT-AXH (36323/2108, age 13.7 years), operated by Air India Express overrun runway 10 after landing at 19:41L (14:11Z) and fell down a valley at Kozhikode, India (VOCL) on 7 Aug 2020. First reports are that both pilots and 16 passengers have died.

The Indian DGCA stated: "Air India Express AXB1344, B737 Dubai to Calicut, person on board 191, visibility 2000 meter, heavy rain, after landing Runway 10, continued running to end of runway and fall down in the valley and broke down in two pieces."

ADS-B data shows that the aircraft made an approach to runway 28 about 20 minutes before the incident landing but went around.

Runway 10/28 is 2845 meters (9330 feet) long with ILS approaches for both ends.

The METAR suggests that there was a tailwind for Runway 10:

VOCL 071400Z 26012KT 2000 -RA SCT003 SCT012 FEW025CB OVC080 24/23 Q1008 TEMPO 1500 -RA BR=

VOCL 071430Z 24011KT 2000 -RA SCT003 SCT012 FEW025CB OVC080 24/23 Q1009 TEMPO 1500 -RA BR=

ATC observed the aircraft did not touch down until it was abeam taxiway C which is about 1,000m from the threshold of runway 10. This would have left 1,860m of the normal runway, plus a 90m overrun safety area.

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*** Updated 23 Nov 2020 ***

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VT-AXH pictured in its final resting position

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