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On 18 May 2018 at 16:08Z, 737-200, XA-UHZ, (21816/592), FF 15/4/1979, crashed approximately 10 seconds after take off from Runway 06 at Havana, Cuba. The aircraft was owned and operated by Mexican airline Damojh Aerolíneas, operating as Global Air, on behalf of Cubana as flight CU972.

The aircraft crashed onto a house, trees and railway line and just outside the airport perimeter and was destroyed by impact and fire and there were only 2 survivors from the 107 passengers and 6 crew.

The weather at the time appears to have been benign:
MUHA 181555Z 17004KT 140V220 9000 SCT017 OVC210 28/23 Q1015

A statement of the facts known (in Spanish) has been issued by the Mexican Secretaria of Communication and Transportation at the following link:

On 22 May Damojh Aerolíneas was grounded UFN by the Mexican civil aviation authorities whilst they conducted a special inspection. It is the third such action in eight years against the carrier.

On 16 July, Damojh Aerolíneas said in a statement that "the crew took off at a very steep angle creating a lack of lift which caused the aircraft to plunge". Mexican pilots' union ASPA said Damojh's statement, which was released before the official investigation has concluded, was "irresponsible".

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The fin and rudder visible at the accident site (Photo AFP)

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