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On 9 Feb 2018 the FAA issued Revision Number 60 of the 737 MMEL.

This page is a non-exhaustive list of the changes from V59.

The full document can be downloaded from here


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All of the information, photographs & schematics from this website and much more is now available in a 374 page printed book or in electronic format.

*** Updated 18 Apr 2019 ***

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General changes throughout the manual:

  • Inclusion of 737-800BCF
  • Inclusion of STC ST02556SE (Conversion of a Boeing 737-700 passenger configuration airplane to a special freighter configuration)


Specific Section Highlights (non-exhaustive list)

Item 12-01 Wing-Body Overheat Detector System - Separated item applicable to -100 thru -800 airplanes due to smoke removal requirements on -900/-900ER airplanes and added proviso e) for flight altitude restriction.

e) Flight altitude remains at or below FL 250.

Item 12-02 Wing-Body Overheat Detector System - New relief item applicable to -900/-900ER airplanes

f) Forward cargo heat duct is secured closed, and
g) Airport ambient temperature does not exceed 103 degrees F (39 degrees C).

Item 36-01-04 Navigation Databases - Revised provisos per Policy Letter (PL) 98, Revision 1.

May be inoperative provided:
a) Operations do not require its use,
b) It is not used in a primary navigation system required by 14 CFR,
c) Alternate procedures are developed and used,
d) The ICAO Flight Plan is updated (as required) to notify ATC of the navigation equipment status of the aircraft, and
e) It is repaired within 10 flight days.
NOTE: An out-of-currency or out-of-date navigation database is not authorized MMEL relief per 14 CFR.

Item 06 Dual Bleed Light System - Revised proviso verifying APU bleed valve in closed position.

(O) May be inoperative provided:
a) APU bleed air is not used in flight, and
b) APU bleed valve is verified closed before each departure.

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