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20 Mar 2021 - Boeing change Engine Fire Drills in-flight and on-ground

Boeing have on 10 Feb 2021 issued Flight Ops Technical Bulletin 737-21-01, “To inform operators of changes related to upcoming Engine Fire on the Ground Checklist

The Engine Fire QRH procedure is changing. The info is buried in Flt Ops Tech Bulletin dated 10 Feb 2021 subject: New Engine Fire on the Ground Checklist.
Most of the bulletin discusses the ground case but gives some clues to the changes in the in-flight case:

The change is being made across all Boeing models, 737 to 787 and will be rolled out in the QRHs from now until May 2021.

Changes to existing annunciated (in-flight) Engine Fire checklist

Boeing wanted, with the fewest changes to the existing annunciated checklist, to cover a situation where the crew used the existing checklist, instead of the new checklist, on the ground. This caused the following changes to the existing annunciated checklist:

  • The last memory item is now to discharge the first engine fire bottle. Waiting 30 seconds for the engine fire annunciation to disappear and discharging a second bottle is no longer a memory item.
  • A new “in flight or on ground?” “Choose one” step is added:
    • For non-electrronic checklist models (i.e. the 737), the crew is directed to the new unannunciated checklist.
    • For ECL models, the crew is directed to new ground-related steps at end of the annunciated checklist, because they have already completed the engine shutdown steps and discharged a fire bottle. This allows a crew on ECL models to complete the necessary engine fire steps in a single checklist.

This change is consistent with the industry effort to reduce memory items.

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*** Updated 14 Nov 2021 ***

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New RQH Engine Fire NNP FOTB Engine Fire

The new QRH procedure memory items stop at the dotted line so only one fire bottle is discharged from memory.

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