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The 737NG Common Display System has had several software updates to incorporate additional features, improvements to existing features and bug fixes. Each new update is known as a Block Point, they have been as follows: BP98, 99, 02, 04, 06 and finally 15. Here is the list of features available in BP15:

BP 15, Oct 2016, L/N 6119 onwards and earlier aircraft by retrofit

  • Classic EFIS formats deleted.
  • Moved ILS fail flag location on PFD to the end of the NPS.
  • Deletion of engine download limits no longer cause the nuisance red oil temperature and pressure vertical scales.
  • Nuisance CDS MAINT or DSPLY SOURCE messages causing DEU removals addressed.
  • The OAT data from the engine probes is passed from the EECs through the CDS to the FMC. (see incident to C-FWGH for the significance of this)
  • DUDB maintains compatibility with NW Phase 3A DUs.
  • The CWS Roll and Pitch annunciation boxes will now blink for 10 seconds when CWS mode engages to improve pilot awareness.
  • The CDS logic for the NPS has been improved to not interfere with the display of the lateral ILS dev scale when manoeuvring to align with the localizer.
  • Fuel Imbalance Alert can now be displayed when the airplane is on the ground (helps for refuelling!).
  • Revised CDS logic to avoid sending data to the FDR that contains a false indication that a distance to runway threshold is displayed on the PFD when no distance is actually displayed.
  • Updated the CDS fault logic to avoid uncommanded WXR turn-on that can occur when the DEU is on and the EFIS CP is detected off.
  • In-flight Start Envelope updated (FL270 to FL240) for CFM56-7BE SAC engines.
  • Enhanced DSPLY SOURCE dispatch indications on the PFD to DSPLY SOURCE 1 (2).
  • Added a DU Overheat fault message to the CDS BITE.
  • Weather Radar test mode fault message colour changed from cyan to amber.
  • “MAN SPD” displayed in small white letters will be displayed below and to the right of the airspeed tape when speed reference set to the SET knob position.
  • Fixed Incompatibility between DEU-I and FMC U12.
  • Revised the On-Ground logic for the Airspeed Filter. To ensure that a PSEU fault does not inadvertently indicate an erroneous in-air state to the PFD airspeed filter and affect airspeed filtering during takeoff roll.
  • Updated CDS to implement stroked ND indications to enhance the existing RAAS feature consisting of additional visual data that includes SHORT RUNWAY and ON TAXIWAY annunciations.
  • Optional RSAT: Overrun Warnings; Speedbrake Warnings; Perspective Runway on Heads-up Display.
  • Optional RCAS: Autopilot Roll Saturation Alerts; Roll/Yaw Symmetry; Roll Authority; Enhanced Bank Angle Warning.

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