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FMC Update 14 is mostly about FANS 2 functionality. It was released in Sept 2019 and is available as a retrofit for the 737NG/MAX.

U14 software is installed on aircraft without HUD and U14.1 on aircraft with HUD

U14 features:

    1. FANS-2 functionality
    2. Airway to airway intersection determination. This enables a follow on airway to be entered on the Route page without needing to enter a defined crossing point.
    3. VNAV temperature compensation gives the ability to semi-automatically adjust the procedure barometric altitude constraints and glide path angles based on a pilot-entered temperature, so the FMS descent path can account for the effects of temperature.
    4. VNAV path tracking priority energy compensation.
      1. Maintains vertical path by adding thrust when a speed increase command is received via speed intervention.
      2. FMC will set VNAV target altitude to the current go-to waypoint constraint altitude if the waypoint is an “at or above” altitude constraint to prevent unintended climbs in descent.
    5. SBAS Approaches to Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) capability for 3G MMR.
    6. Text display of full route clearance uplink data on MCDU to enable crew to review it before loading it into flight plan.
    7. At least one bugfix for U12 including FMC loading an incorrect EO SID in U12 and Bulletin TBC-102 Subject: Incorrect FMC Constraint Altitude on a Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) with a Common Waypoint, after Selection of another Approach. and Bulletin TBC-103 Subject: VNAV INVALID-PERF Scratchpad Message. and TBC-110 Subject: Lateral Path Exceedance On Approach Procedures With A Course Reversal.

Note that for FANS 2, the aircraft require U14, plus a CMU with ATN Router to support the European Data Link Mandate.

There are two types of ATS Data Link, Future Air Navigation (FANS) which utilizes existing ACARS network for message routing which is primarily used for ATC in Oceanic and Remote Airspace. And, Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) uses new ATN network for message routing, primarily used in European airspace. FANS2 combines these two current data link configurations, FANS CPDLC and ATN CPDLC. Prior to U14 these were mutually exclusive. FANS2 includes both FANS CPDLC, ATN CPDLC as well as ADS-C.

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*** Updated 14 Nov 2021 ***

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