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FMC Update 12 came just 9 months after Update 11 in December 2015. It will be replaced by Update 13 which is being developed for the 737 MAX and later by U14.

A list of features is given below.


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*** Updated 23 Nov 2020 ***

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Update 12.0

    1. Data such as high precision position and runway condition from Approach Ref 2/2 is made available for Runway Situational Awareness Tools (RSAT) system although it is not yet certified.
    2. Improvement that delays capture of IAN Final Approach Course for certain geometries.
    3. The pilot can now define Visual Flight Rules final approach utilizing the IAN function. The pilot selects the runway and FPA as normal.
    4. The vertical angle of the glide path IAN function will continue to obey any altitude constraints from the Final Approach Fix to the coded MAP waypoint (Vertical Reference Point).
    5. Changed the sign of the XTK IAN lateral deviation when the track angle error is greater than 90 deg. To harmonise NPS display with ILS.
    6. Adds a comparison of an OAT entry made by the pilot with available OAT information provided from the EEC (NG) or TAT (Classics). If a difference is detected the FMC alert message “OAT DISAGREE -DELETED” and TAKEOFF SPEEDS DELETED will be displayed.
    7. DATALINK LOST alert message displayed if FANS datalink connectivity is lost.
    8. During a VNAV PTH descent the A/T can now be configured to “wake up” from ARM to FMC SPD when the speed drops to between 5-15kts below target speed. (It used to be 15kts below).
    9. RTA improved by recalculating with every flight plan change.
    10. Various other bugfixes.

Note that U12 has the following two in-service issues.

  1. Flickering CDS MAP displays or Fuel Quantity indication - fixed with CDS BP15
  2. The FMC can load an incorrect EO SID on the RTE LEGs page creating a MOD flight plan. - to be fixed with U14
  3. IAN aircraft - nuisance G/S Alerts resulting from the IAN path being steeper than VNAV - to be fixed with U13
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