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FMC Update 11 was originally scheduled for 2010. Unfortunately Boeing had tried to issue it in time to bugfix U10.8 but the changes needed to be made quickly so efforts went into U10.8A instead of U11. The update was finally released in March 2015. U11 was superceeded by Update 12 in December 2015.

FMC IDENT Update 11

A list of features is given below.

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*** Updated 14 Nov 2021 ***

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Update 11.0

    1. A cruise descent can be initiated when more than 50 NM from Top-of-Descent by selecting a lower MCP altitude and pressing the altitude intervention button (where enabled).
    2. If a cruise descent is selected late in the cruise segment U11 will switch to path descent.
    3. Allows crew to place the Top of Descent within a hold allowing the descent without exiting the hold.
    4. Use Airport Mag-Var for Non-CF Approach Legs that do not end in a fix i.e. VA, CA, VD, CD legs.
    5. The FMC will issue the alert level message “RUNWAY DISAGREE” if the selected runway disagrees with the FMC position.
    6. Lateral RNP displayed on EHSI with RTE DATA selection.
    7. The transition altitude / level from the airport record will be used if a SID / STAR is not selected.
    8. Engine Out SIDs are auto-loaded when the FMC detects an engine out condition regardless of flap position up to the EO SID "disarm" point.
    9. LNAV control law improvements to give better speed stability below 200kts ground speed.
    10. Route 2. RTE 2 may be accessed from LEGS or RTE pages via key 6L. You can also copy the active into the inactive route using RTE COPY.
    11. WGS-84 coordinates now used for all path computations.
    12. There is now an enhanced IRS monitor to detect extreme IRS drift rates. The FMC will switch IRS source when the selected IRS position or velocity difference is excessive relative to GPS/Radio position, and the non-selected IRS position and velocity are acceptably close to GPS/Radio.
    13. Maximum altitudes on the CRZ page are now suffixed "-T" when thrust limited; or "-B" when buffet limited.
    14. Cruise thrust limit can now be set to climb thrust limit for increased thrust in the cruise.
    15. FMC CDU will display IDENT Page 1/X after a software restart.
    16. The vertical path monitor will display a “NO VNAV AFTER XXXXX” message if noncompliance of the vertical path with a required gradient and/or Altitude Constraint is detected or if VNAV becomes Invalid (VNAV INVALID – PERF).
    17. LNAV will now allow commanded turns from 0.5nm after takeoff.
    18. DRAG REQUIRED conditions revised to avoid nuisance messages during landing.
    19. NAV INVALID-TUNE XXXXX inhibited when GPS updating is available.
    20. Better handling of “Corner Waypoints” on airways or procedures.
    21. Improved FMC operation when altitude constraints are present near the Top of Descent and level segments.
    22. Magnetic Variation (MAGVAR) data updated to 2015 model.
    23. Integrated Approach Navigation will now allow entry of any altitude restriction type (above, at or below).
    24. Mechanical HSI CDI scaling for RNP Operations (Non-EFIS 737-3/500 only).
    25. Revised (i.e. reduced) descent block speeds for RSEP modified 737-3/4/500 aircraft.
    26. Added capability to read AT or ABOVE speed constraints from the Navigation Data Base.
    27. FMC message queue size increased from 20 to 40 messages.
    28. RESET MCP APP MODE logic now includes a trigger that the FMC has changed the state of USE_GP.
    29. Enhanced functionality supporting the uploading of ATS Datalink elements 79 and 83 (Route Clearance to/from waypoint).
    30. Various other bugfixes.

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