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FMC Update 10.8 has been standard in all aircraft delivered in after Feb 2009. A list of features is below.

Following the discovery of several "anomalies", such as VNAV commanding the airplane to descend below the expected path on approach, Boeing issued a "service pack" in the form of Update 10.8A in 2010. Whilst this was in preparation Boeing stopped installing U10.8 in new aircraft and went back to U10.7 and also issued an SB for operators to remove U10.8. Unfortunately 10.8A still has some bugs which will be fixed in Update 11.


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15 Apr 2009 - FAA Certifies GE’s Flight Management Software Update 10.8

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - (Business Wire) GE Aviation announces the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification of the flight management system (FMS) software Update 10.8 for Boeing Next-Generation 737s. The new software is standard fit for all 737 production airplanes starting February 2009.

The FMS 10.8 software update provides improved operation, increased navigation data base size for storage of a worldwide size data base with 95% spare memory for growth, and supports the APB Blended Winglet installation on all 737 Classic and Next-Generation airplanes. The FMS provides precision navigation compliant with the Required Navigation Performance (RNP) standards that allow reduced separation from terrain and other aircraft. RNP approach procedures also allow the aircraft to descend to lower altitudes when flying on instruments in reduced visibility conditions. The FMS provides output of the aircraft 4-dimensional trajectory to be used by Air Traffic Control to enable integrated air-ground operations.

Version 10.8 upgrade of the FMC software has the following features:

1. VNAV Armed Before Takeoff

2. Improved Engine-Out Logic

3. Improvements to Software Exception Handling Logic

4. Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) Winglets on 737-300/400/500 aircraft:

5. Increase Navigation Data Base (NDB) size to 16 megabytes:

6. Enhanced CFM56-7B26B2 Engine Rating:

In-Service Problem Report Fixes:

  • Bug fixes the bus interrupt overflow condition for the dual FMC failures.
  • Bug fix to updates the FMC DISAGREE message logic
  • Bug fixes the following software exception issues found inservice by the operators



Version 10.8A fixed the following:

  1. VNAV commanding the airplane to descend below the expected path on approach, Ref Flight Crew Operations Manual Bulletin, TBC-79.
  2. Give proper descent path predictions/guidance for VNAV operation into airports above 10,000 feet.
  3. Allow full CLB thrust after a derate takeoff thrust has been uploaded via ACARS when the PERF Option code Zero is enabled.
  4. The FMC ACARS data buffer from filling up with a subsequent FMC restart.
  5. Position Hold Symbol displayed on the right display and expanded hold is displayed on the left display.
  6. FMC Disagree for certain vector/waypoint combinations (Dual FMC only).
  7. New advisory level message "FMC DISAGREE - VERTICAL" during VNAV Path Descents (Dual FMC only).
  8. A fix to correct a condition where an up linked Flight ID is not stored properly in the right FMC (Dual FMC only).
  9. Various in-service flight plan related software exceptions.

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