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FMC Update 13 was designed for the MAX and has been used as 13.0 on the test fleet. U13 software brings the baseline of U11 and U12 to the 737MAX and does not include any new functionality for the 737NG. Boeing plans to retrofit U13 onto the 737NG in 2018. U14 has been announced before the introduction of U13.

U13 MAX-8 IDENT page

A few things unique to the MAX:

Percent De-rates & Variable Takeoff Ratings:
The 737-8 airframe allows selection of Percentage Takeoff Derates on the N1 LIMITS page based on existing function of Fixed Derates.

Engine Logic – EPM/TRM & Takeoff Speeds
New Engine Performance Model (EPM) and Thrust Rating Model (TRM) is required for 737-8.

Displays- Data output on Ethernet to MDS
The 737-8 includes large format display to the 737 flight deck.

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All of the information, photographs & schematics from this website and much more is now available in a 374 page printed book or in electronic format.

*** Updated 23 Nov 2020 ***

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Update 13.0 Bugfixes

    1. Inability to activate flight plan on the LEGs page
    2. Valid IAN signal not sustained through the runway for a runway only VFR approach
    3. U12 Cert Flight RNP AR to IAN results- IAN G/P steeper than VNAV
    4. Undesirable Magvar for Course out of Runway Extension RX Waypoints
    5. Uplinked ZFW Erased when uplinked cruise alt conflicts with existing alt constraint
    6. Speed/Altitude Constraint Melding not working as intended for star runway transition 'corner waypoints'
    7. ADS exception downlinking Intent data with Hold at the end
    8. ADS intermediate intent downlink causes FMC restart
    9. Restart flying an active offset with a mod offset pending during CRZ CLB
    10. ADS exception downlinking Intent data when flying missed approach that ends in a hold
    11. FMC restarts and display anomaly when flying a lateral offset with entered cruise winds
    12. Lateral Offset with Collapsed Waypoints
    13. FPM Incorrectly Determining the Number of Flight Plan Waypoints after Sequencing a Waypoint with an Assigned Wind
    14. N1 Defaults to TO at Route Execution without Proper Messaging
    15. LP (In Service Complaint) Bypass Path ignores flyover bit when bypassing waypoint PO243 on LPFO RW24.RANU5S departure
    16. VERIFY TAKEOFF SPEEDS message set incorrectly at engine start
    17. Incorrect 360 deg. Bypass Path during departure at LTFH

U13 737-800 IDENT page

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