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16 Nov 2019 - Preliminary report issued into 5N-BUK Air Peace 737-300 engine damage on landing at Lagos 15 May 2019

The aircraft was approaching Lagos airport's runway 18R at night on 15 May 2019. It had been cleared to land with tower controllers advising of 60kt windshear on the approach path and a thunderstorm on the take-off path, although neither of the two preceding aircraft had reported any problems.

The crew reported that at about 1nm to touchdown, the FMC indicated a wind factor of 144/34 knots. The Captain (PF) stated as follows: “I applied the required crosswind technique to keep the airplane flying towards the runway”. The First Officer (PM) announced for a go-around and in response, the PF said he had control of the situation.

The aircraft touched down at 19:34h in rain. The crew later informed CT of their intention to stop on the runway due low visibility and reported exiting the Runway at 19:40h.

5N-BUK taxied to the apron and the passengers disembarked normally at about 20:00h. There were no injuries but an inspection of the aircraft after landing revealed that it was substantially damaged.

Although the aircraft was withdrawn from service, the Accident Investigation Bureau says it was not informed about the event until three weeks later, on 5 June, when a passenger notified the authority through a telephone call.

The preliminary report is available here.

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5N-BUK Scrapes and dents on the No. 2 engine cowling

Scrapes and dents on the No. 2 engine cowling

The damage observed on the aircraft are as follows:

  1. Scrapes and dents on the No. 2 engine cowling
  2. Scrapes and dents on the No. 2 thrust reverser cowling
  3. Some fan blades were bent on No. 2 engine
  4. Both Main Landing Gears Oleo struts collapsed
  5. Scuffing of the sidewall of the No. 4 main wheel tyre.

Air Peace has had a number of events recently including the following:

15 May 2019 - 737-300 5N-BUK Hard landing at Lagos resulting in damage to the engine pod and the landing gear

22 Jun 2019 - 737-500, 5N-BRN, operated by Air Peace has skidded off the left hand side of Runway 21 at Port Harcourt, Nigeria at 14:42Z whilst landing in heavy rain.

23 Jul 2019 - 737-300 5N-BQO NLG Failure on landing at Lagos

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