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The following article, submitted by Captain Joseph Markham, provides pilots with a method of estimating V speeds for the 737-300 from the take-off weight. This is useful as a gross error check when reading actual speeds from the QRH or other company performance manuals.

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*** Updated 23 Nov 2020 ***

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I’ve devised a V-speed calculator which I think is simple to use... Here goes….To calculate V2 first:……..


Flaps 1:  

60 tons             V2=160             ( add 100 to the weight )

50 tons             V2=145             (  -15  )

40 tons             V2=130             (  -15 again )

You only have to remember this little table which, for 60t is 160, then subtract 15 for 50t and another 15 for 40t !!! For any weight in between, you simply interpolate…

For Flaps 5, you subtract 5 from the speeds above, i.e Flap 5, 50t, V2 would be  145-5 = 140 etc

For Flaps 15, subtract 15 from the speeds above, i.e. Flap 15, 50t, V2 would be 145-15 = 130 etc

Now to calculate Vref:……..

V Refs

Now, V2 for flaps 1 is vref for flaps 15, i.e  Flaps 15, 50t, Vref would be 145

For flaps 30, subtract 10 from the speed above, i.e. Flaps 30, 50t, Vref would be 145-10=135

For flaps 40, subtract 15 from the speed above, i.e. Flaps 40, 50t, Vref would be 145-15=130  


The speeds are on the conservative side by a knot or so, but seem to work!!!!

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