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The 707 (Photo: Petar Lazarevski,

This is a late model 707 which is fitted with avionics of the same generation as the 737-200. The 707 had 60% commonality with the 727 which in turn had a 60% commonality with the 737. There are still parts of the newest 737-NG's that are exactly as fitted to the original 707.



This photo of the 727-200 shows the striking similarities between the cockpit layout of it and the 737-1/200. This was the intention of Boeing so that pilots could easily convert from one to the other. The instrument panel did not change significantly until the -300 and the throttle quadrant is identical except for number of engines and different flap settings (UP, 2, 5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40).

The 727 (Photo: Mike Olson,

Main differences include: Fire switches on the glareshield panel; three sets of engine instruments and of course, a flight engineers station which is why there are some blanks in the overhead panel.


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