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02 Jan 2019 - 737 features prominently in commercial aviation fatalities accident record for 2018

Sadly, the 737 has accounted for the most commercial airliner fatalities in 2018.

Preliminary air transport safety analysis indicates that last year was the worst, in terms of commercial aviation fatalities, for three years.

Lion Air’s loss of a Boeing 737 Max in late October and the take-off crash of a Global Air 737-200 in Cuba accounted for over half of the 530 worldwide fatalities recorded by the European Aviation Safety Agency.

The figure contrasts sharply with the historically low level achieved in 2017 and was instead comparable to the 533 of 2015.

Three of last year’s accidents involved only a single fatality, including the only accident to occur in the USA – an in-flight engine failure on a 737-700.

Among the serious accidents which did not result in fatalities were the overrun of a Utair 737-800 at Sochi in September.

EASA states that the number of fatalities last year remains “significantly below” levels recorded even in the 1990s and 2000s, attributing this partly to technological advances and the implementation of safety management systems.

But it adds that runway excursions, in-flight upset, and technical failures involving fire or pressurisation remain “key risk areas”.

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*** Updated 18 Apr 2020 ***

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take-off crash of a Global Air 737-200 in Cuba

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